A teacher gives a businessman a lesson (8.5'x11' Tri-Fold)


The 500 word story that caught the imagination of the education community. Reprinted dozens of times in journals and books across North America, read aloud during hundreds of faculty meetings and Convocations, this entertaining and insightful story is now offered as a Tri-Fold pamphlet, available for sale in packets of 100 for easy and inexpensive distribution to your staff and community.


"Not a week goes by without teachers or administrators writing to tell me how the story has made a difference in their lives: either the message made them feel encouraged or validated, or it changed - for the better - the way a friend or neighbor thought about their schools. I am always gratified, but I still can't believe my little story has produced such an outsized effect. Apparently, the teacher and I struck a nerve." Jamie Vollmer

The Blueberry Story

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