Great Conversation


with Jamie Vollmer

An inspiring video series from an award-winning champion of public education.

In less than thirty seconds a week, you can share a positive, pro public education message with your staff, interested parents, business leaders, elected officials, and community VIPs.

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"In a time of rising expectations, changing demographics,and intense political scrutiny, teachers, administrators, and Board members need all the help they can get."

 Jamie Vollmer September 28, 2019  


The Great Conversation   features forty-two professionally produced video-casts running 2 - 5 minutes long. Once a week, Jamie sends an email containing a link to the latest video and a short description of its content. The superintendent forwards the message to the staff and select members of the community. In less than thirty seconds, you keep a pro public education message flowing across your district for months. 

Reactions from the Field


“Humorous, smart, practical, and easily executed! Needs to be seen by the entire staff and every group in the community.”

Joan H. Wade Ed.D.,

Executive Director, Association of Educational Service Agencies


“Jamie offers practical insights and powerful tools we can use to improve our schools and ensure our country’s success.”

Kirk J. Miller Ed.D.,

Executive Director, School Administrators of Montana

“A must see.”

“Inspiring and empowering. An eye-opening series for everyone

who fails to grasp that public education is under attack.”

Gina G. Patterson

Executive Director, Virginia School Boards Association

The Great Conversation :


Delivers a positive message

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Praises our schools at a time of intense scrutiny and rising expectations.

Defends America's Educators

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Refutes unwarranted criticism directed at teachers and administrators.

Provides Practical Tools

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Helps staff and Board members become better ambassadors for the district.

Overcomes Resistance to Change

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Confronts pervasive and archaic mental models of "real school."

Strengthens Ties with the Public


Increases public understanding, trust, and support for your schools.

Each video clip can be shared with the Staff and Community

Faculty Meetings - Chamber Breakfasts - Parent Nights

Foundation Events - Rotary Lunches - Convocations

Ministerial Gatherings - Board Retreats -Taxpayer Groups

Site Council Meetings - PTA Meetings - Senior Centers

Booster Clubs - Union Assemblies - Kitchen tables

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Few expenditures of PD dollars will go so far.

No investment in Community Engagement

will provide a higher return.

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​A message from Jamie Vollmer

"Over the last 30 years, I’ve encouraged educators and community members to work together to increase student success in hundreds of districts. I've received praise, applause, state and national awards. I've been blessed. But what drives me on are the voices of the teachers, administrators, board members, and concerned citizens who've grabbed me as I headed out their door with a common plea: Do you have anything we can use to spread a positive message across our community? A bit slow on the uptake, it's taken me decades of thinking and learning to create a resource that would satisfy their requests. The Great Conversation is the result. Clear, compelling, factual, sometimes funny, each episode is designed to be shared with family, friends, neighbors, elected officials, even an idiot brother-in-law. The goal is to help everyone understand that it's in their interest to help every child succeed even if we have no children in school. Trend lines suggest that this series is timely and important - it can increase support for our schools. And I thank everyone who taught me along the way and pushed me to get it done."