Schools Cannot Do It Alone

"Every public school district - big or small, rich or poor - must increase public understanding, trust, and support if we are to achieve our strategic goals."

Jamie Vollmer

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The Great Conversation

A package of video and print materials that

will increase public support for your schools.

Featuring timely advise and practical recommendations from an award-winning champion of public education.

Created to engage staff, parents, business leaders, elected officials, and community VIPs.

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Share hours of positive video content across multiple platforms

​    1. Social Media package (Direct download)

Seven engaging videos organized around positive themes and appropriate for every audience. Easily posted on your social media pages. Designed to educate the public, uplift the staff, and drive traffic to your sites.

    2. Mini-Series for your website (HTML Codes provided)

Fifteen video segments developed to help staff and community allies

become more positive ambassadors for your schools. On-screen facilitators present provocative questions created to reinforce nine community engagement objectives.


       3. Community-wide Email Campaign (Weekly distribution)

Forty-two emails sent weekly to the superintendent and forwarded to

the staff and community VIPs. Each message contains a link to a short video that promotes public education, overcomes resistance to change, and increases community support.

Complementary print materials include:

   Copies of Jamie’s book, Schools Cannot Do It Alone

One for the superintendent and each member of the Board.

   Copies of Look What We’re Doing to Our Schools

Jamie's 12"x40" poster presenting the list of mandates placed upon public schools since 1900. (Quantity varies with the size of the district.)

The one time cost for the package:

$99.00 x the number of schools in the district.

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Reactions from the Field


“Humorous, smart, practical, and easily executed! Needs to be seen by the entire staff and every community group.”

Joan H. Wade Ed.D.,

Executive Director,

Association of Educational Service Agencies


“Jamie offers practical insights and powerful tools we can use to improve our schools and ensure our country’s success.”

Kirk J. Miller Ed.D.,

Executive Director,

School Administrators of Montana

“A must see.”

“Inspiring and empowering. An eye-opening series for everyone

who fails to grasp that public education is under attack.”

Gina G. Patterson

Executive Director,

Virginia School Boards Association

The Benefits

1. Defends America's educators

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Refutes unwarranted criticism directed at teachers and administrators.

2. Provides practical tools

Helps staff and Board members become better ambassadors for the district.

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3. Overcomes resistance to change

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Places archaic mental models of "real school" in historical context so we can move forward.

4. Strengthens ties with stakeholders

Increases public understanding, trust, and support for your schools.

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5. Fosters increased student success

Keeps a positive message flowing through your buildings and across the community for months.

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"In a time of rising expectations, changing demographics,and intense political scrutiny, public schools and their staffs need all the help they can get."

Jamie Vollmer