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Jamie Vollmer

“In 1992, I heard a teacher bemoan the number of mandates public schools were forced to address. She cited them as impediments to reform. I was a critic in those days, and her comments begged the question, ‘How many could there be?’ I decided to find out.

“The answer changed me. And it’s been changing people ever since.”

Watch the preview

Watch the Preview

Effective with the following groups:
Certified and classified staff
Chambers of Commerce
Civic clubs and organizations
Seniors groups
Boards of realtors
City councils
County commissions
Homeowners associations
Religious groups
Fraternal societies
Student groups
Professional associations
Labor and farm organizations
Ethnic societies
Site councils
Advisory committees
Social service agencies
Government departments
Citizen advisory groups
Business boards
Booster clubs
Book clubs
Retired employee groups
Historical societies
Academic societies
Women’s groups
Men’s groups
Athletic associations
Travel clubs
Home/school councils
Fraternities and sororities
Garden clubs
Toastmaster clubs

The Ever Increasing Burden
on America’s Public Schools (VIDEO VERSION)

Your staff will cheer. The people of your
community will stare in stunned disbelief.

Twenty years of research. Developed for educators and their allies. The Ever Increasing Burden on America’s Public Schools is finally available in video form.

Brilliant, stop-action animation has been combined with Jamie’s dramatic, on-screen commentary to expose the unprecedented challenges facing our public schools. Everyone who sees this video will walk away with a clear understanding of the mountain of social, psychological, and medical responsibilities that have been heaped upon the schoolhouse door.1  

For two decades, the live reading of “Vollmer’s List” has been one of the most anticipated and compelling segments of Jamie’s speeches and workshops. Staff, community, parent, and business audiences have listened with rising alarm as he chronicles the staggering growth of mandates our public schools must bear. Now, everyone can share his powerful message, and quickly accomplish two critical goals:

  1. Help people in every community see just what it is that society is asking their public schools to do.
  2. Inspire the people working in our schools, and motivate them to strengthen ties with their communities.

Administrators, board members, teachers, and their allies can use this potent new tool in their struggle to increase local support for schools. The Ever Increasing Burden on America’s Public Schools was created to inform, entertain, and energize. And the feedback says it works.

“It’s insightful, smart, and filled with great ideas. This video can help us build enduring community support for our schools.”
—Mary Broderick, President, National School Board Association

“Jamie’s new video is a valuable addition to the national debate about the future of public education.”
—Dr. Amy Sichel, President Elect, American Association of School Administrators

“This may well help Americans recognize our shared responsibility to remove the obstacles to student success.”
—Dr. Nathan Parker, Superintendent of Schools, Summit, New Jersey

“This is nuts! What are we doing to our schools?”
—Ken Zornes, Executive Director, Texas Business and Education Coalition

“A great way to teach the public about the challenges facing our schools.”
—Steve McNeal, Superintendent of Schools, Beloit, Wisconsin

“Outstanding! Will increase local support for schools and build the capacity to change.”
—George Boland, Superintendent of Schools, Idaho Falls, Idaho

“One showing silenced my loud-mouthed brother-in-law.”
—Teacher, Philadelphia, PA

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Purchase The Ever Increasing Burden of America’s Public Schools to increase public understanding and support.

1 And this list does not include the thousands of bureaucratic rules, regulations, and mandates that dictate everything from the use of soybean ink in school publications to the proper placement of student art on hallway walls.

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