A distillation of the The Great Conversation's Informal Track..


This vivid poster is designed to foster positive interactions among adults and students within the hallways of your schools and across the entire community.

The 5Ss are:

STOP bad-mouthing your schools in public.

SHIFT your attention from the negative to the positive.

SHARE something positive within your social networks.

SUSTAIN the effort.

START now.


By effortlessly incorporating these five simple steps into the course of a normal routine, teachers, administrators, board members, and classified employees will enjoy a host of important benefits. On the personal level, they will experience more energy, improved interpersonal relationships, enhanced self-respect, and, as confirmed by neuroscience, stronger immune systems. At the macro level, adopting the 5Ss will generate greater public trust, more respect, and more community support. And unlike regulations and mandates, the 5Ss add nothing to the existing workload. They add no strain. Instead, they produce joy.


The 5Ss (Coming Soon)

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