Your staff will cheer.

The people of your community will be shocked.

For the first time in one place, this affordable and attractive poster answers two perennial questions asked by the public:

      “Why don’t these schools just teach the basics?”

      "Where does all the money go?”


Read vertically, this powerful resource chronicles the mind-boggling list of social, psychological, and medical responsibilities that have been shifted from families and communities onto the schoolhouse door. By the bottom of the page it becomes painfully clear that the mandate is no longer, "Teach our children," it's "Raise our kids!"


Read horizontally, the poster reveals just how much this ever-mounting list of demands has cost America's taxpayers from 1900 to 2016 in inflation-adjusted dollars.


    When "Vollmer’s List" is distributed widely throughout your community, it will help will increase public understanding of the challenges facing your schools, raise appreciation for your staff, and foster greater public support.


    Should be on every refrigerator door in America!


    “Vollmer’s List is a valuable addition to the national debate about the future of public education.”

    —Dr. Amy Sichel, President Elect, American Association of School Administrators


    “This may help Americans to recognize our shared responsibility to remove the obstacles to student success.”

    —Dr. Nathan Parker, Superintendent of Schools, Summit, New Jersey


    “This is nuts!”

    —Ken Zornes, Executive Director, Texas Business and Education Coalition


    “A great way to teach the public about the challenges facing our schools.”

    —Steve McNeal, Superintendent of Schools, Beloit, Wisconsin


    “Outstanding! The poster will increase local support for schools and build the capacity to change.”

    —George Boland, Superintendent of Schools, Idaho Falls, Idaho


    “One showing silenced my loud-mouthed brother-in-law.”

    —Teacher, Philadelphia, PA

    Look What We’re Doing to Our Schools! (12"x40" poster)

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